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RE: Press Release: Open Access journals proven to compete on quality

I do not want to spoil the celebration, but many of the titles listed are
not full open access journals. Accoording to the publisher's site, and
correspoindance with the publisher, they are journals where the primary
research article content is open access, and the review articles and so on
are not.

It is of course of particular importance that the primary articles be OA,
but the other material is important too, and is part of the scientific
literature. Especially for clinical journals, reviews may well be the
material of greatest benefit to the less sophisticated users, and
providing them with access to the literature is one ofthe primary goals of
Since review articles often get higher citations than other articles, it
would also add yet more to the publications' impact factor if the journals
were fully open access.
Dr. David Goodman
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