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RU Press Launches Open Archives


Contact: Bruce Lyons
The Rockefeller University Press
(212) 327-8663

The Rockefeller University Press Launches Open Archives

The Rockefeller University Press, a not-for-profit scientific publisher,
announces new open archives for its three research publications: The
Journal of Cell Biology (JCB), The Journal of Experimental Medicine (JEM),
and The Journal of General Physiology (JGP). The archives feature
full-text, searchable PDF versions of all articles dating back to volume
1, issue 1 (1955 for the JCB; 1896 for the JEM; and 1918 for the JGP).
Access to the archives is free-of-charge. No subscription fees or
surcharges are required.

The Rockefeller University Press endorses the wide dissemination of
scientific literature and is one of the signatories of the Washington DC
Principles for Free Access to Science. The Press currently supports the
following access initiatives:

* Releasing full-text content after a 6-month delay for the JCB and the JEM
* Releasing full-text content after a 12-month delay for the JGP
* Offering free full-text content from the day of publication to scientists working in 142 developing nations
* Providing content for indexing by major search engines such as Google so readers worldwide can easily locate information
* Full-text linking among cited articles hosted by HighWire Press.

The Rockefeller University Press started in 1905 shortly after the
founding of the University, then known as the Rockefeller Institute for
Medical Research. For more information please visit www.rupress.org.