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ALCTS SS Journal Costs in Libraries Discussion Group inOrlando

Sorry for the cross-posts...

Please mark your calendar for a panel presentation on:

"Dealing with 'The Deal': Views and Experiences from the Field"

Sponsored by the ALCTS SS Journal Costs in Libraries Discussion Group

Day:  Saturday
Date:  June 26
Time:  2-4pm
Place:  The Peabody Florida BR II

Our speakers (in alphabetical order):

* Stephen Bosch, Materials Budget, Procurement, and Licensing Librarian,
  University of Arizona Library,
* Kenneth Frazier, Director, University of Wisconsin-Madison Libraries 
* Gary Ives, Assistant Director of Acquisitions & Coordinator of 
  Electronic Resources, Texas A&M University Libraries, College Station

Stephen Bosch will discuss the short term benefits of using "big deals" as
a strategy for enhancing the availability of digital content for
customers.  Despite being an unsustainable business model, the big deal
can be effectively used to stretch resource dollars while other models for
scholarly communication mature.

Kenneth Frazier will speak candidly about the opportunities and
liabilities of operating a research library system that has consciously
avoided "big deals."  Although the consequences for Wisconsin have
included the good, bad, and ugly, Ken will discuss the fast-moving changes
in scholarly communication that are making fundamental changes in the
dissemination of research articles.

Gary Ives will present his findings on the content overlap among the
Elsevier Backfile Collections, which range from 25.1% overlap for the
Chemistry Collection with all other collections, to 94.4% overlap for the
Veterinary Science Collection, with all other collections.  Gary will also
describe how to calculate unique content for collections not yet
purchased, compared to overlapping content with collections already
purchased and collections under consideration.

There will be short Q&A opportunities following each speaker, with an
extended discussion period following all presentations.

A (very) short business meeting will come at the end of the presentations
and discussion periods.

Hope to see you there!

Gary Ives
Chair, ALCTS SS Journal Costs in Libraries Discussion Group
Texas A&M University Libraries