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Editorial re Copyright Collectives and Electronic Works

(Cross-posted; please excuse duplications.)

Hello subscribers,

Those interested in copyright collectives and schemes of rights clearances
for electronic uses may wish to read a recent editorial in The Copyright &
New Media Law Newsletter: Copyright Collectives and Electronic Works,
Volume 2003, Issue 4, The Copyright & New Media Law Newsletter.

In her editorial, Lesley Ellen Harris offers an historical overview of
traditional reprography copyright collectives, explains their function and
interaction with each other within the International Federation of
Reproduction Rights Organisations, and considers the potential for such
collectives to manage clearances for electronic uses of works.

In the interests of brevity I do not wish to post the editorial in its
entirety; those interested may email me directly (off-list) and I will be
pleased to send along a copy.

Information about The Copyright & New Media Law Newsletter may be found at

Kim Nayyer BSc LLB MLIS