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We would like to exchange links! (offering a 6PR linkback)

I am interested in exchanging links with your website yale.edu
My site offers Norton AntiVirus Software, Norton Systemworks, McAfee Virus Scan and other computer protection software

My sites information is as follows:

Title: SoftwareMart - Norton Antivirus
Url: http://softwaremart.biz/

or here is the html for the link to my site:

<p><a href="http://softwaremart.biz/";>SoftwareMart - Norton Antivirus</a></p>

Upon response to this email I will place a link to yale.edu located at http://www.patrickjgavin.com. This site has a 6PR evenly distributed offering optimimal search engine placement assistance.

Thanks in advance,
Jessica Hartman

P.S. If you do not wish to recieve link exchange requests please reply with remove in the subject