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Re: BMC subscription fees

Same for us.  However, our Consortium was able to negotiate an initial
rate even less than the $1,612 figure you mention(we're small).  However,
it was based on FTE.  Otherwise, why did or BMC rep ask us all to submit
FTE information.

Thomas L. Williams, A.H.I.P., M.S.L.S.
Director, Biomedical Libraries
University of South Alabama
College of Medicine
BLB 326b
Mobile, Alabama 36688-0002

Tel. (251)460-6885
Fax. (251)460-6958

Ann Okerson wrote:

According to our consortium librarian for NERL, we are paying as follows, also for second year of membership (no adjustments for articles published or not). She writes the following message. Ann Okerson


BMC uses a tiered pricing scheme depending on institution "size". NERL
gets a 10% discount off of the list price for membership.

The list prices are as follows:

V.Small $1612
Small $3224
Med. $4836
Large $6448
V.Large $8000

The size is based on FTE of Medical and Life Science graduate and postgraduate students, researchers, and faculty members.