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Re; Author Charges are not the only model for funding open access

I am beginning to perceive a concern that it will not be possible - at
least for those (many) journals with far more readers than authors (e.g. 
in the applied sciences, clinical medicine etc) - for a 'author (or 
author's institution/funder) pays' model to add up to the benefit of the 
scholarly research community.  We have now heard a number of 
research-intensive institutions commenting that they think they would 
end up paying more than at present - and I think the reason for this is 
that there will be a great many 'free riders' who currently pay 
subscriptions/licences (industry, notably pharmaceutical companies, 
being foremost among these)

I wondered what other people think about this - perhaps the sums will
simply not add up for this kind of journal?

Of course, this is one of the many questions we hope to answer in our
forthcoming data analysis study...

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> Subject: Re: Author Charges are not the only model for funding open access
> I would be very pleased to learn of funding sources for Open Access
> alternative to author charges.
> However, there is widespread agreement among those contributing to the
> OA debate that the real costs associated with peer review need to be
> covered from a reliable funding source.  The examples given by Heather 
> Morrison do not self-evidently include a peer reeview process.  Without 
> that, no suggested scholarly communication system will enjoy credibility 
> in the eyes of academia.
> Fytton Rowland, Loughborough University, UK