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RE: UN Treaty Collection

We have not negotiated with the UN, but in cases like this when the vendor
won't budge, we quote from the Massachusetts law which prohibits us from
indemnifying.  We put that quote on the signature page, so it can't be
"lost" or "overlooked."

Good Luck!

Barbara C. Ingrassia, MLS, AHIP
Assoc. Director for Technical Services
The Lamar Soutter Library
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Subject: UN Treaty Collection

I'm faced with a license for the UN Treaty Collection which has a clause
requiring us to indemnify the UN! As a state university library, we of
course can't sign this. I'm in contact with a person at the UN, but things
are moving slowly. Has anyone negotiated this particular point with the
UN. If so, could you share your experiences and [I hope] successes with
the list.

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