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RE: Foundation Directory access

I got some very useful information from Nan Schichtel at Grand Valley
State University, copied here:

They do have that IP service - we have been using it successfully for over
a year now.  We use EZPROXY and have 9 authenticated user licenses.

Contact Lorna Mehta at Foundation Center - she's great!
Nan Schichtel schichtn@gvsu.edu 
Grand Valley State University
Off-Campus Library Services Coordinator offcamp@gvsu.edu 
Librarian serving:  Biomedical & Health Sciences, Clinical Lab Science,
Occupational Safety & Health,  Therapeutic Recreation, Public &
Nonprofit Administration & the  Dorothy Johnson Center for Philanthropy
& Nonprofit Leadership.
616-331-2659 - or - 800-879-0581

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Since DIALOG@Carl went away, I understand there is no other access to the
Foundation Directory (except via Foundation Center's password
authentication priced for up to 15 users, which is not very useful for
providing campus-wide access for students).  Has anyone else run into this
problem and/or found a way around it? And if not, is there any interest to
petition The Foundation Center to allow IP-authentication to this
important resource

Thank you for your consideration.

Adina Mulliken
Reference Librarian and Selector for Social Work and Allied Fields
E.S. Bird Library, Syracuse University
Phone: 443-9519