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RE: Foundation Directory access

We are interested in the petition to The Foundation Center for IP
authentication to this product. I have another concern related to license
agreement. It has few conditions which can not be accepted being a library
of a state agency. I tried to negotiate the terms and conditions but the
vendor is not ready to make any changes! I was also told by Foundation
Center that there are thousands of subscribers from all around the world!
Out of curiosity I checked in World Cat and surprisingly found only 8
library subscribers in US. May be most of them are having personal
subscriptions!  It is a very important resource for a library and we are
very keen to have this product but unfortunately we could not negotiate on
the terms. I am just wondering if any one has encountered similar type of
problem or able to overcome this problem along with IP authentication.


Smita Joshipura
Bibliographic Services Specialist
Arizona State University West
P.O.Box 37100,
Phoenix, Az 85069-7100
Phone: 602 543 8504
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Since DIALOG@Carl went away, I understand there is no other access to the
Foundation Directory (except via Foundation Center's password
authentication priced for up to 15 users, which is not very useful for
providing campus-wide access for students).  Has anyone else run into this
problem and/or found a way around it? And if not, is there any interest to
petition The Foundation Center to allow IP-authentication to this
important resource

Thank you for your consideration.

Adina Mulliken
Reference Librarian and Selector for Social Work and Allied Fields
E.S. Bird Library, Syracuse University
Phone: 443-9519