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Mellon Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Date: Thu,  5 Feb 2004 11:44:31 EST
From: ofrancois@umuc.edu
To: aokerson@pantheon.yale.edu, ann.okerson@yale.edu
Subject: Mellon Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Greetings from the Center for Intellectual Property! 

Below you will find the announcement for the Mellon Research Fellow.  
Please feel free to either forward to interested parties or post this
message to your listserv or newsletter.

Thank you,



The Center for Intellectual Property (CIP) at University of Maryland
University College announces a two-year postdoctoral fellowship with a
stipend.  Funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, the position is for a
recent PH.D. who is pursuing research on topics related to encryption,
intellectual property, and dissemination and protection of digital
information.  The position will be directly involved with the Center's
research project on digital rights management (DRM) systems, higher
education, and intellectual property rights.  Responsibilities include:

- Developing, testing, and analyzing research projects based on
  application expertise and interest;
- Aiding in the development of a survey instrument, testing the
  instrument and disseminating the instrument;
- Writing narrative summaries of the research results, and related tasks
  under the supervision of the project directors;
- Conducting background research;
- Developing and implementing an evaluation plan and preparing progress
  reports as needed for the Mellon Foundation and UMUC's executive
- Studying, testing, and maintaining accurate data on DRM systems
  identified as relevant and/or best practice systems from research
  results obtained through national studies;
- Designing and implementing training activities, both face-to-face and
  online in intellectual property and digital rights management;
- Teaching one course per year, either face-to-face or online, and
  publishing in peer-reviewed publications related to the focus of the
  Center's research activities; and
- Performing other job-related duties as assigned.
QUALIFICATIONS: Successful applicant will have a Ph.D. degree (Or be ABD)
in computer science or a closely related field; will have excellent oral
and written communication skills; have demonstrated experience in research
and statistical analysis (SPSS preferred); and have experience in
completing and publishing research results.  Applicants must submit with
application materials a three to five (3-5) page essay discussing their
purpose in pursuing this postdoctoral fellowship and how their discipline
expertise works symbiotically with the research conducted by the CIP
postdoctoral researcher.

POSITION AVAILABLE:	Immediately.  This is a 2-year appointment. 

SALARY:			$42,000 Stipend

TO APPLY:		Submit a cover letter, curriculum vitae, names of three
			professional references, a copy of any significant 
			publication, essay, along with salary history for last 
			three positions to:

		Candidate Search - Postdoctoral Researcher (I000481)
		Office of Distance Education and Lifelong Learning (ODELL)
		University of Maryland University College
		3501 University Boulevard East
		Adephi, MD  20783	
		Or email all materials to:  hrjobs@umuc.edu

Please contact with necessary information by February 14, 2004.