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Re: IngentaSelect usage stats

I do know that BMJ provides statistics on their titles through Highwire.  
It could be that they would prefer that you get your statistics their way.  
I don't know.  The ability to get stats on Ingenta is relatively new.
Michelle Kraft
Medical Librarian
Cleveland Clinic Foundation

>>> mefunk@mail.med.cornell.edu 07/24/03 06:06PM >>>

I recently downloaded our library's usage statisticss from IngentaSelect
(standard statistics, not the advanced statistics). I had to inquire from
IngentaSelect's help desk why many titles had "n/a" listed instead of a
number or even zero. I was informed that this occurs for titles where the
publisher has not agreed to their journal being included in the
statistical reporting. Here is a breakdown of the number of times various
publishers occured in our statistics:

Taylor & Francis (all imprints): 35
BMJ Publishing: 6
Sage: 3
Oxford University Press: 1
Duke University Press: 1
British Editorial Society of Bone & Joint surgery: 1

Can anyone explain why publishers would not want us to have 
statistics on how often their journals are used?
Mark Funk