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NEJM authorizes Harrassowtiz to handle site license plan

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Date: Mon, 21 Jul 2003 17:47:39 -0400
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Subject: HARRASSOWITZ NEWS No. 70, July 21, 2003

70.1 MARC 21 records available for individual books and music scores
supplied on standing order.

70.2 New England Journal of Medicine authorizes HARRASSOWITZ to handle its
new institutional site license plan.



70.2 New England Journal of Medicine authorizes HARRASSOWITZ to handle its
new institutional site license plan.

The New England Journal of Medicine has selected HARRASSOWITZ to be one of
three subscription agents authorized to handle institutional site licenses
for subscription year 2004.

With the NEJM's new academic/clinical site license plan, institutions may
now choose from 3 subscription options for the New England Journal of

�    Academic/clinical site license
�    Print subscription plus 5 workstations
�    Print-only subscription (without online access)

For pricing purposes, institutions are categorized into "tiers" based on
the number and type of degrees granted.  Hospitals are also classified by
type.  Institution size is not a determining factor.

The following terms apply to site license subscriptions to NEJM:

� Subscription terms are for one year.
� Site licenses include the option of purchasing one archival print
  subscription at a substantial discount.
� Site licenses may be purchased through an authorized subscription
  agent or directly from the publisher.
� The license agreement must be accepted before the activation process
  can be completed.

HARRASSOWITZ invites libraries and healthcare institutions to request
pricing information for the 2004 academic/clinical site license plan by
contacting service@harrassowitz.de.  HARRASSOWITZ will be pleased to
process your order and to offer assistance in activating your site license
subscription to the New England Journal of Medicine.

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suggestions from customers about any HARRASSOWITZ services are always
welcome and encouraged.

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