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Scholarly Publishing Practice

Scholarly Publishing Practice: the ALPSP report on academic journal
publishers' policies and practices in online publishing is now available

ALPSP has carried out a major new study of the policies and practices of
275 international academic journal publishers, both not-for-profit and
commercial (with a remarkable 66% response rate, including all of the
major publishers).  The findings provide hard evidence to counter some of
the criticism from both, within the academic community and in some
government circles. See `What's New' on the ALPSP website
http://www.alpsp.org/default.htm John Cox and Laura Cox, John Cox
Associates, ISBN: 0-907341-24-1 Publication:  June 2003

An executive summary of the report is available online at
To receive a copy of the full report you can purchase online at

Suzy Fotheringham 
Marketing Coordinator 
Association of Learned and Professional Society Publishers 
Tel: +44 (0) 20 8351 1658 E-mail: members@alpsp.org 
ALPSP Website: www.alpsp.org