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RE: Sabo Legislation/PLoS editorial

Dear Michael, Thank you for making so abundantly clear what the benefit
and power is of open access. Not so much by what you say, but definitely
by what you do. You would like your editorial to be read by as many people
as possible, immediately upon publication, so what do you do, you make it
freely available! You even *push* it out via email lists. Easy (and wise)
for an Executive Director of a university press to make that decision.

Open access business models are all about making that possible for any
research article that the author feels warrants the widest possible

Best regards,

Jan Velterop
BioMed Central

PS. Thanks for the kind words about BioMed Central, although the impact of
the articles we publish is quite a bit higher, (judging by the citations
to them) than you seem to think, and our techies don't think it's
'no-frills' at all but instead, full of the functionality few others

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> Here is an editorial that I published in the Journal of Cell Biology on
> Thursday, July 3rd on the proposed Sabo legislation and PLoS. It might be
> of interest.  It is freely available at the site below and also attached
> as plain text:  <http://www.jcb.org/cgi/content/full/jcb.200307018>
> Also available on the home page website: <http://www.jcb.org>
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