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RE: Sabo Legislation/PLoS editorial

Thank you, Michael.  That was very helpful.  I'm glad you noted that
authors sometimes pay page charges.  Do you know how common this is, and
what a typical charge is?  I've never found it necessary in library
literature, but in talking to science colleages, it seems fairly common.

I'm also interested in who gets paid what for the editorial process.  
I've certainly known editors using the library to do a tremendous amount
of copy editing.  On the other extreme was a refereed conference
proceedings that I recently wrote that was published by a major publisher
(Wiley?) that required that we present them with "camera ready"
(electronic) final copy, and all editing was done by me and the referees
(presumably not paid for this).

Harvey Brenneise
Michigan Public Health Institute

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Here is an editorial that I published in the Journal of Cell Biology on
Thursday, July 3rd on the proposed Sabo legislation and PLoS.  It might be
of interest.  It is freely available at the site below and also attached
as plain text:  <http://www.jcb.org/cgi/content/full/jcb.200307018>

Also available on the home page website: <http://www.jcb.org>


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