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Systematics and Biodiversity: New from Cambridge University Press

With apologies for cross-posting

Cambridge University Press is delighted to announce the launch of a new
journal, _Systematics and Biodiversity_, in 2003.  This international life
science journal is devoted to whole-organism biology, especially
systematics and taxonomic biodiversity.

Published quarterly on behalf of The Natural History Museum in London, the
journal emphasizes the importance and multi-disciplinary significance of
systematics and records the diversity of organisms though descriptive
taxonomic papers.  The underlying basis of biodiversity is addressed both
directly and indirectly; coverage also includes relevant theory and
methodology, and conservation biology.

For more information or to view selected articles free of charge, please
go to: Systematics and Biodiversity homepage.

If you have questions regarding _Systematics and Biodiversity_, please
email jnl_mkt@cambridge.org.

Editor-in-Chief: Brian Rosen
Publication details: Volume 1, 2003, 4 issues per year
Print ISSN: 1477-2000
E-ISSN: 1478-0933

Susan Soule
Susan Soule
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