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Correction: JLR back issues from 1959 to 2001 are free online

To clarify any confusion caused by yesterday's announcement, please note
the following:

The Journal of Lipid Research (JLR) is pleased to announce that the
complete collection of JLR volumes (dating back to Volume 1, issue 1,
published in 1959) is now online.

Access to the back issues from 1959 to 2001 is FREE at http://www.jlr.org
(Click on "Select an issue from the Archive")

A subscription is required for current issues (2002-2003).


Virginia Bourgeois
Production Editor
Journal of Lipid Research
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Bethesda, MD 20814
Tel: 301-634-7106
Fax: 301-634-7129

Now Available! JLR Online Archive
Access the Archives FREE at www.jlr.org