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Biofilms: New journal for 2004

With apologies for cross-posting

Cambridge University Press is delighted to announce the launch of a new
journal, _Biofilms_, in 2004.  To be published quarterly, _Biofilms_ will
contain original research articles and review articles covering the
structure, formation, and growth of biofilms; gene expression and transfer
in biofilms; human and animal diseases involving biofilms; biofilms in the
food, oil, and pharmaceutical industries; and biofilms associated with
soil, water, waste treatment, corrosion, and marine environments.  It will
also publish reviews of books and Internet sites as well as announcements
of interest to the biofilm community.

The journal aims to become the major forum for the publication of articles
relevant to biofilms, and the journal of choice for researchers in the
biofilm field.

Please visit the _Biofilms_ homepage at:

Editor-in-Chief: M. Wilson, Department of Microbiology, Eastman Dental
Institute, University College London

Associate Editor: W. J. Costerton, Center for Biofilm Engineering, Montana
State University-Boseman

Print ISSN: 1479-0505

For further details, please email jnl_mkt@cambridge.org.

Susan Soule
Susan Soule
Journals Marketing Manager
Cambridge University Press - North American Branch