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RE: going online only... (and JSTOR)

Although I have immense respect both for JSTOR and the individual
trustees, might I suggest that the list, in my purely personal view, is
perhaps a little unbalanced towards senior administrators?

On Sun, 29 Sep
2002, Kevin Guthrie wrote:

> William G. Bowen                    Dr. James Carmichael Renick
>   Chairman, JSTOR Board of            Chancellor, North Carolina
>   Trustees                            Agricultural and Technical State
>   President, The Andrew W. Mellon     University - Greensboro, NC
>   Foundation
>   Former President, Princeton       W. Taylor Reveley, III
>   University                          Dean, The Marshall-Wythe School of
>                                       Law - The College of William and
> Laura N. Brown                        Mary
>   President
>   Oxford University Press           Stephen M. Stigler
>                                       Professor of Statistics
> Nancy M. Cline                        University of Chicago
>   Roy E. Larsen Librarian
>   Harvard College, Harvard          R. Elton White
>   University                           Former President, NCR Corporation
> Ira H. Fuchs                        Trustees Emeriti
>   Chief Scientist, JSTOR            ----------------
>   Vice President for Research in
>   Information Technology, The	    Richard De Gennaro
>   Andrew W. Mellon Foundation         Roy E. Larsen Librarian, Emeritus
>   Former Vice President for           Harvard College, Harvard
> University
>   Computing and Information
>   Technology, Princeton University  Charles R. Ellis
>                                       Former President and Chief
> Kevin M. Guthrie                      Executive Officer
>   President, JSTOR                    John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
> Richard C. Levin		    Cathleen Morawetz
>   President, Yale University          Professor Emeritus
>                                       New York University
> Mary Patterson McPherson
>   Vice President, The Andrew W.	    Gilbert R. Whitaker, Jr.
>   Mellon Foundation                   Dean and Professor of Business
>   Former President, Bryn Mawr         Economics, Rice University
>   College
> Michele Tolela Myers
>   President, Sarah Lawrence College