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Document delivery for articles in CD-ROM

Dear members

I am a Japanese librarian at Washington University in St. Louis and I am
applying for a grant in order to obtain a set of the CD-ROM "Taiyo" (a
reproduction of an old Japanese journal) for our collection.

Since this grant supports resource sharing, I would like to make a
statement in the grant application that our library will provide document
delivery of articles from the CD for users outside of our institution.

I obtained a license agreement for this CD-ROM but it only grants right to
use the CD-ROM for users in Japan.  It also discourages authorized users
for making copies for dissemination to third parties but the language
outlining these terms is vague.  I am thinking to negotiate with a
publisher to provide a license agreement in English which allows my
institution to provide document delivery to other libraries in the United
States or at least authorizes document delivery to specified libraries
within our consortium.

My questions to you are:

1. Do you know any case of a library conducting document delivery of
articles from CD-ROM to people outside the institution?

2. Can I go ahead and engage in document delivery of the Japanese
published CD since U.S. law will support fair-use?

3. Since the publisher may not be fluent in English, I might have to
provide a written license agreement in English.  Do you have any sample
license agreements that would apply to this situation?

4. If you have any suggestions or comments to share with me, I would be
very grateful.

Thank you very much

Haruko Nakamura                         Email:
East Asian Library                         Phone:  (314) 935-5155
Washington University                  FAX:    (314) 935-7505
Campus Box 1061
St. Louis, MO 63130-4899