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Ovid LWW pricing

Has anyone looked at what Ovid will be charging for the LWW journals?  
For the journals to which we currently subscribe in print, the average
Ovid cost for one simultaneous user is about 71% of the print cost.  
Prices range from 44.3% of the print cost to 175%.  We currently pay a
site license fee of $856 for one of the LWW journals (print cost is
$2,664); if we decide to subscribe via Ovid we'll be paying $4,130 for one
simultaneous user.  Needless to say, we're looking long and hard at these
journals and will end up with no electronic access to many of them.

Barbara Shipman
Head, Library Collections                 E-mail:  bshipman@umich.edu
Alfred Taubman Medical Library            Phone:  (734) 936-1398
University of Michigan                    Fax:    (734) 763-1473
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