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Re: InfoTrac� College Edition

I have seen it for an English composition textbook, and it contains
nothing that any college that has access to any of the aggregators'
collections wouldn't have. Presumably the set of articles chosen varies
with the book.

David Goodman
Research Librarian and
Biological Sciences Bibliographer
Princeton University Library
dgoodman@princeton.edu            609-258-7785

On Fri, 21 Jun 2002, Hamaker, Chuck wrote:

> Wadsworth, a publisher owned by Thomson, is offering CD roms with some
> textbooks and access to something called InfoTrac� College Edition . Has
> anyone run into this before? Do we know anything about license conditions?
> Is it just duplicating what many library's are already providing?  or is
> it different or unique from the normal InfoTrac online offerings? Is it
> more "academic" etc.