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InfoTrac� College Edition

Wadsworth, a publisher owned by Thomson, is offering CD roms with some
textbooks and access to something called InfoTrac� College Edition . Has
anyone run into this before? Do we know anything about license conditions?
Is it just duplicating what many library's are already providing?  or is
it different or unique from the normal InfoTrac online offerings? Is it
more "academic" etc.

An example: the textbook-
Criminal Justice in America: Media Edition (with InfoTrac), Third Edition
by George F. Cole, University of Connecticut and Christopher E. Smith,
Michigan State University
ISBN: 0-534-55901-8 � 2002 472 pages. Paperbound. 8 1/2 x 11.  Non-InfoTrac
Version ISBN 0-534-55916-6

The splash page for Infotrac college ed. says "research has never been so
easy". and mentions hundreds of academic journals. and then there's this

"The latest news and research articles online, updated daily and spanning
four years! InfoTrac� College Edition is automatically packaged with every
new student copy of this text. You and your students will have 4-months of
free access to an easy-to-use online database of reliable, full-length
articles (not abstracts) from hundreds of top academic journals and
popular sources. Contact your Wadsworth/Thomson Learning representative or
more information. Available to North American college and university
students only. Journals subject to change."

Jaw popping sound--