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Librarian of Congress Sets rates for Broadcasting Music Online

>From digital-copyright Digest 21 Jun 2002 Issue 18

College Stations Alarmed as Librarian of Congress Sets Rates for
Broadcasting Music Online

By DAN CARNEVALE, The Chronicle.com, June 21, 2002

"The librarian of Congress on Thursday released a final schedule of the
fees that radio stations must pay to record companies when the stations
play music online." * Webcasters' Fees Slashed in Half By Brad King,
WiredNews.com, June 20, 2002


"Webcasters worried that Internet radio would be wiped out by outrageously
high royalty rates found little solace on Thursday despite a ruling that
slashed a controversial licensing fee in half." * Rates:

http://www.copyright.gov/carp/webcasting_rates_final.html * More Coverage: