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digital reference

The new version of the live digital reference software requires that we
add the IP addresses of the server where the digital reference software
resides into our campus proxy server or our campus IP range, otherwise we
will have to authenticate ourselves through library proxy server (EZProxy)
even if we are on campus.

I am wondering how other libraries handle this.  Do you think there is
legal issue with our license agreements if we add the IP addresses of the
server of a commercial company to our campus IP range?  Obviously, a
standard license agreement would not cover this issue.

By the way, the company that provides the software is called "LSSI Library
Systems and Services LLC", and software is VTR 2.0.

Xiaotian Chen
Electronic Services Librarian
Bradley University
Peoria, IL 61625
Phone: 309-677-2839
Fax: 309-677-2558