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RE: Piracy of books and journals

> I've followed these kinds of reports since the mid 80's and they are not
> anything new.

I'll happily concede that professional piracy such as that described in
these news stories has been going on for years in the print realm.  I went
to the website and read some of the stories and looked at the data --
these are organized pirate operations that have clearly been in place for
some time.  But my question is not whether there was piracy before the
Internet; clearly there was.  My question is about the kind of casual
piracy described in yesterday's posting, which described a single student
taking home and reselling an entire print run of a journal.  I'd be
interested to know whether that kind of activity has increased with the
advent of the Internet, and if so, by how much.  It seems intuitively
obvious to me that it would, but I'm absolutely open to correction on that

And all others, of course.  ;-)

Rick Anderson