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Re: Lippincott journals only on ovid platform?

Dear Dr. Obst,

It is true that LWW titles will only be available online through Ovid.
Both Ovid Technologies and LWW are owned by Wolter Kluwers.  At the
Medical Library Association conference (May 17-23 2002), I spoke to Carol
Helton of Ovid and the explanation for this decision was the merge of one
technical department for both companies.  Carol told me LWW content will
be available to non-Ovid customers at no additional cost.  I am unsure
what Ovid deems "no additional cost" since my library subscribes to
Journals at Ovid and we pay about $300-$1000 USD per LWW title for online
access.  I am assuming if you are not an Ovid customer, you don't have to
pay a platform fee, just the online content fee for the full-text.

There is two pricing models, print plus electronic and electronic only.
Though, there is a different in the electronic price depending on if the
library retains the print subscription.  I priced the Library's LWW
collection on Ovid at over $50,000.  Also, Ovid is selling LWW
collections, which may be a cheaper alternative, since this year
collections are offered at a discount.  If you want further information,
contact Robert O'Malley, Marketing Journals Manager at LWW
(romalley@lww.com) or Carol Helton, Director of Medical Sales at Ovid


Elizabeth R. Lorbeer
Collection Development Manager
Library of Rush University
Rush Presbyterian St Luke's Medical Center
Chicago, Illinois 60612