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RE: Lippincott journals only on ovid platform?

I met with our Ovid representative today, and he did indeed tell me that
LWW titles will only be available online through the Journals@Ovid
platform. Ovid is calling the collection of LWW titles the "Lippincott
Williams & Wilkins Total Access Collection."  I am assuming you can
subscribe to the whole collection of 230 journals, or pick and choose
among the titles. Although we have had numerous problems with our LWW
online site license renewals this year, I am not sure that the Ovid
platform will be an improvement, mostly because of the lag time between
print publication and appearance of an article online in Journals@Ovid.

In addition, the Journals@Ovid pricing structure is based on concurrent
users, in comparison to the current LWW site license structure which
allows unlimited simultaneous use by authorized users.  This may mean that
libraries end up paying more for access, depending on how many concurrent
users they wish to license.  There is also an access fee to license the
Ovid Online platform for a certain number of concurrent users, some
libraries may already license Ovid Online, but for those libraries that
don't license Ovid Online, this will be an extra cost they have not had to
pay in the past.  It sounds like libraries will need to make a decision
about Journals@Ovid whenever their LWW titles are set to renew.  If anyone
else has information about this LWW change, please share the information
with the listserv.

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Dear colleagues,

Is it true that Lippincott will retract all their journals from Highwire
and their own server? From next year on online access to LWW journals like
circulation will only be available via journals@ovid?

A representative from LWW said this to me.

Yours sincerely
Oliver Obst, PhD