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NISO Serials Study - Library Questionnaire

Recently, NISO, the National Information Standards Organization and DLF,
the Digital Library Federation announced the undertaking of a two month
study to evaluate the current use and potential of standards to facilitate
the exchange of serials subscription information for both print and
electronic resources.  NISO would like to know more about how libraries
gather, use and share subscription information.

A questionnaire for libraries has been placed on the NISO web site.
Because NISO supports the development of standards for the information
community based on consensus among constitiuents, we are grateful for the
interest of libraries who benefit so much from these standards.

Please take some time to visit the NISO web site and fill out the survey
which can be found at: http://www.niso.org/survey/serials.cfm.  The survey
will close on May 30.  A final report on this study, including
recommendations, will be on the NISO website in late June.