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RE: Pricing of DVD vs. Video.

Suppliers to schools and colleges sometimes include public performance
clearance for educational purposes as opposed to pricing for home use.
Don't know if that is the case with these particular instances.

Eldonna DeWeese
Southwest Baptist University Library
1600 University Ave.
Bolivar, MO 65613

>>> rickand@unr.edu 04/25/02 09:42PM >>>

> On new releases. looks like DVD is much less expensive than video.

This is sometimes true for new releases.  On the other hand, go to the
"Hot New Releases" section at Amazon and check out the VHS prices: $25 for
Harry Potter, $15 for Bridget Jones, $23 for Ocean's Eleven... not a
single one lists at over $25 (except for the multi-tape box sets).  Those
$100-plus VHS prices are an anomaly, I think.  I'd be interested to know
why those pricing anomalies exist -- look up Moulin Rouge and you'll find
you can buy it on VHS for $110 or $13, and there's no apparent difference
between the two versions.  Anybody know why this is?