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Re: DVD vs. Video.

On the subject of VHS pricing, those $100.00+ prices for video are often
just referred to as "priced for rental".  You'll see that a lot for new
releases even of mainstream films as the studios account for the fact that
most folks rent instead of buy the movies they watch.  After they've been
out a while, they will often be available again (or sometimes in cheaper
extended-play transfers) at the lower than DVD prices.

So that explains some of the price comparisons on Amazon etc.  The studios
select certain big BIG hit movies for sell-through (Batman, Disney things,
etc.) and those are available immediately in that $20.00 range.  It's been
my understanding that the DVD releases have been priced low initially as a
way to encourage folks to upgrade to the new format, and that there is (or
was) a lot of debate about the strategy, whether it was worse the obvious
loss vs. the whole "priced for rental" approach. (Since, obviously, folks
rent the DVDs too...).

Anyway, I apologize if that's all been covered already.

-Bill Gallaga
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