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Pricing of DVD vs. Video.

On Rick's comment about pricing of DVD vs. video--

Rick Anderson said responding to me my comments:
> I'm sure we've all noticed that
> while DVD's of feature films cost significantly less to the purchaser than
> video tapes,

Huh?  Time to change stores, I think.  VHS tapes typically list for $5-$10
less than their DVD counterparts.  Click over to Amazon and check the
prices on, say, Moulin Rouge ($15 on VHS, $30 on DVD) or the Phantom
Menace ($20 on VHS, $30 on DVD)

Here's new releases   From this week's USA Today reviews:

The Deep End (; 2001, Fox, rated R, $105 range; DVD, $30
Actual Prices on Amazon.com $107.99 for vhs, $23.99 DVD.

The Man Who Wasn't There (; 2001, USA, rated R, $105 range; DVD, $27)
(ranked 33 in sales on Amazon: VHS$55.99; DVD$20.24)

Black Knight (; 2001, Fox, rated PG-13; $105 range; DVD, $27 and under):
Amazon: DVD $21.49 VHS$110.99

Domestic Disturbance (2001, Paramount, rated PG-13; $105 range; DVD, $30)
Amazon $106.99 VH; DVD $22.49 (sales rank 22)

On new releases. looks like DVD is much less expensive than video.