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RE: Electronic acquisitions position


I would love to hear about any responses you may have had.  We have
received approval to create a new position that does many of the things
you mentioned.  It is to be based in our Collection Development Office but
clearly requires coordination with our Acquisitions, Cataloging, and
Systems Offices.  So far we haven't even been able to agree on a title for
this position.

Jacquelyn Crinion
Asst Dir for Collections and Extended Services
UTSA Library
6900 N Loop 1604 West
San Antonio TX 78249
210-458-4884 fax

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Subject: Electronic acquisitions position


I'm not sure this is the correct list to post my question to, but I'm
wondering if other libraries have a staff position which coordinates
electronic resource acquisitions--brings in appropriate record from OCLC,
places order, manages invoices and payments, tracks statistics for
electronic acquisitions, coordinates renewals, add/change URL information,
removes superceded records, and generally just keeps all the ducks in a
row for these related processes. It sure would help me out to know if you
have a position like this, and some idea of the staff level and
experience. Many many thanks, and my apologies if this seems too
off-topic. I would be happy to just accept direct messages and send a
summary to the list. Carole

Carole Richter
Electronic Resources Coordinator
University of Notre Dame Libraries