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Announcement from Springer

Of possible interest.  The Moderators

March 22, 2002

We are pleased to announce that the Springer-Verlag NY LINK Server has now
been completely installed at its new location at InfoCrossing in Leonia,
New Jersey.

Founded in 1984, Infocrossing operates state-of-the-art facilities to
maintain our company's systems and applications, including enterprise,
network and Internet-based environments.

This new server will provide our users with fast and efficient access to
their electronic titles. Please report any problems to the LINK Helpdesk
at link@springer-ny.com

The urls for the NY server remain the same, so no changes are necessary
for our users. We are available to troubleshoot any new problems that our
users encounter. The German server will continue to be available. For the
quickest access in the Americas, please use the NY server at

We would like to thank you for your patience and understanding during this
transition process. We apologize for any inconvenience you may have
experienced while our NY server was temporarily disabled. Our goal
continues to be to offer the best service and support to our customers.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with questions, concerns, or
comments. The Helpdesk can be reached at 1-800-SPRINGER ext. 653.

LINK, now in its fifth year online, continues to grow with more journals,
book series, supplements, and journals with Online First status.

Best wishes,
Jeff Grubbs
Business Support and Marketing Supervisor
LINK/Electronic Marketing
The Americas