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RE: Usage data/license etc.

About a year ago I suggested to American Chemical Society that they
present their usage data in a format that could be easily imported into
and manipulated within a spreadsheet.  Their response was that "they
couldn't predict what formats all their users would require so the text
file and the HTML file were standard formats that everyone could use."
This response was from a computer technical support person not a marketing
or customer support individual.  I got the feeling that "this was the
first time anyone had suggested it."  Perhaps if ACS heard this same
request from other customers they would be more inclined to pursue it.  I
have found ACS to be responsive to other requests to improve their product
when I have requested something through my account representative.

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I'm wondering if anyone has figured out how to use American Chemical
Society usage data easily - they seem to have pretty good and generally
standard information, but their formatting is such that you can't easily
group all data into a spreadsheet. Their text file for import to a
spreadsheet doesn't "line up". i.e. each title/data set is separate and
has to be manually manipulated to get it into any standard format.
has anyone had any sucess getting responses to licensing/contract
language issues from the Electrochemical Society, WorldScientific, or
Amazon.com (for their corporate account)?


Chuck Hamaker
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