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Re: Gastroenterology


We do not get Gastroenterology as an Institution + Subscription.  The way
our institution's network is set up there is no way for us to limit access
to a journal to be only on the library's computers.  The pricing for
institutional wide access is too pricey for us.  So, we access it through
library staff terminals via our administrative login and password.  Only
our library staff know that password and we access the online version of
Gastroenterology only in urgent situations where our print copy is missing
or late.  It is not the most efficient way for our patrons or us, but it
has gotten out some close calls when the print is missing.

Michelle Kraft
Medical Librarian
Cleveland Clinic Foundation

>>> emcelro@wpo.it.luc.edu 02/14/02 07:22PM >>>
I wondered what other libaries were doing with pricing like that of

"Institution Subscription: allows online access to the Journal solely from
workstations that are physically located within the Institution's library
or research facility (i.e., the building to which paper issues of the
Journal are sent or in which such issues are housed).

Institution + Subscription: allows on-line access to the Journal not only
from workstations that are physically located within the Institution's
library or research facility, but also from any remote workstation located
within the physical perimeter of the Institution's campus surrounding such
library or research facility. The "perimeter of the Institution's campus"
is defined as the documented city limits within which the Institution is
contained. Related campuses or offices located outside such perimeter must
obtain their own Institution + subscriptions." (In another section on
their website they made the distinction that classrooms or offices on the
same campus were included in this option but not the basic institution

We are a campus with at least 3-4 buildings located on campus.  This just
seems like a step backwards like the restrictions to single workstation

Emily McElroy
Serials & Electronic Collections Librarian
Loyola University Health Sciences Library
2160 S. First Ave.
Maywood, IL  60153