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Re: Gastroenterology

Finally a use for paper! All you have to do is "house" the issues of the
journal in such a way so as to include every building on your campus
within the institutional subscription!

Eric Hellman

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At 7:22 PM -0500 2/14/02, Emily McElroy wrote:
>I wondered what other libaries were doing with pricing like that of
>"Institution Subscription: allows online access to the Journal solely from
>workstations that are physically located within the Institution's library
>or research facility (i.e., the building to which paper issues of the
>Journal are sent or in which such issues are housed).
>Institution + Subscription: allows on-line access to the Journal not only
>from workstations that are physically located within the Institution's
>library or research facility, but also from any remote workstation located
>within the physical perimeter of the Institution's campus surrounding such
>library or research facility. The "perimeter of the Institution's campus"
>is defined as the documented city limits within which the Institution is
>contained. Related campuses or offices located outside such perimeter must
>obtain their own Institution + subscriptions." (In another section on
>their website they made the distinction that classrooms or offices on the
>same campus were included in this option but not the basic institution
>We are a campus with at least 3-4 buildings located on campus.  This just
>seems like a step backwards like the restrictions to single workstation
>Emily McElroy
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