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'Arthur Andersen and Me'

The brief essay "Arthur Andersen and Me" has been added to the website
Electronic Rights & Wrongs. The article can be viewed at:


"Arthur Andersen and Me" relates my experience with the Arthur Andersen
accounting firm, which was hired to administer the $7.25 million class
settlement in the copyright infringement case *Ryan v. CARL*, after I had
served as a consultant to the plaintiffs' attorneys. The piece is a
sidebar to my memoir, "Crass Action: Confessions of an Internet Avenger,"
which anchors the Electronic Rights & Wrongs website. Among the other
articles at the site are "Publish and Perish: Confronting the Post-Tasini
World" (originally published in The Charleston Advisor) and bestselling
author Nicholson Baker's influential 1994 New York Times essay,

Irv Muchnick

"Electronic Rights & Wrongs"

"Irvin Muchnick's Wrestling Journalism Archive"