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Re: Physics Today Online limited Access

I assume this means that Physics Today will no longer be available through
aggregators such as Ebsco Academic Search Elite?

>I missed this when it was first posted.  Chuck
>The AIP has decided to restrict full editorial access to membership of the
>AIP member societies and individual print subscribers of Physics Today.
>Some editorial content, job openings and upcoming meetings will continue
>to be freely accessible each month.   Archive of slapam-l
>  Date:         Mon, 7 Jan 2002 10:36:38 -0500
>  Sender:       "Archive of slapam-l (PAMnet)" <PAMNET@LISTSERV.ND.EDU>
>  From:         Christine Orr <CORR@aip.org>
>  Subject:      Physics Today Online Undergoes Access Control
>  Comments: To: slapam-l@lists.yale.edu
>  >Starting with its January 2002 issue, Physics Today Online, published by
>  >the American Institute of Physics (AIP), will be placed under limited
>  >access, available in its entirety only to individual subscribers and to
>  >members of AIP's 10 Member Societies.  This action was decided upon by
>  >AIP's Governing Board and recognizes the fact that Physics Today  is
>  >distributed by the Societies as an exclusive member benefit.  The current
>  >site has always indicated that access controls would be put in place at
>  >some date in the future. That time has come.
>  >
>  >Some of the online material at www.physicstoday.org will remain available
>  >to all.  Job opportunities, lists of upcoming meetings, and Member Society
>  >information will always be freely accessible.  In addition, the Editors
>  >will choose a few items from each issue for unrestricted access.
>  >
>  >AIP recognizes the importance of our institutional subscribers and that
>  >there will be some challenges to your users as a result of our
>  >policy.  The print version of Physics Today and the unrestricted portions
>  >of the Web site will provide continuity for your patrons who are not
>  >subscribers.
>  >
>  >We appreciate your understanding in this matter.
>  >
>  >Sincerely,
>  >
>  >Marc H. Brodsky
>  >Executive Director
>  >American Institute of Physics

Carole Richter
Electronic Resources Coordinator
University of Notre Dame Libraries