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American Statistical Association license terms


UW-Madison recently tried to negotiate license terms for the American
Statistical Association to access their e-journals via Catchword. We were
told that they "cannot modify the license for individual subscribers" and
that "the license must be the same for all who subscribe to [their]
journals."  Their terms and conditions are posted at
http://www.catchword.com/asa/tandc.htm . There were two clauses that we
found problematic and proposed to change: termination without prior notice
(section 4) and indemnification (Section 6c).

The representative from ASA did say that they would review feedback from
subscribers later in the year and possibly modify the terms. Has anyone
else been in contact with ASA about their terms and conditions? Are there
others who have opted not to activate access via Catchword for this
publisher due to their terms as written?

Any feedback, to the list or directly to me, would be appreciated.

Aimee Glassel, Electronic Resources Librarian
General Library System - CTS * Memorial Library, Room 312
728 State Street * Madison, WI 53706-1494
ph: 608/262-7120 (NEW) * fax: 608/262-4861
email: aglassel@library.wisc.edu