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Physics Today Online limited Access

I missed this when it was first posted.  Chuck


The AIP has decided to restrict full editorial access to membership of the
AIP member societies and individual print subscribers of Physics Today.
Some editorial content, job openings and upcoming meetings will continue
to be freely accessible each month.   Archive of slapam-l

 Date:         Mon, 7 Jan 2002 10:36:38 -0500
 Sender:       "Archive of slapam-l (PAMnet)" <PAMNET@LISTSERV.ND.EDU>
 From:         Christine Orr <CORR@aip.org>
 Subject:      Physics Today Online Undergoes Access Control
 Comments: To: slapam-l@lists.yale.edu

 >Starting with its January 2002 issue, Physics Today Online, published by
 >the American Institute of Physics (AIP), will be placed under limited
 >access, available in its entirety only to individual subscribers and to
 >members of AIP's 10 Member Societies.  This action was decided upon by
 >AIP's Governing Board and recognizes the fact that Physics Today  is
 >distributed by the Societies as an exclusive member benefit.  The current
 >site has always indicated that access controls would be put in place at
 >some date in the future. That time has come.
 >Some of the online material at www.physicstoday.org will remain available
 >to all.  Job opportunities, lists of upcoming meetings, and Member Society
 >information will always be freely accessible.  In addition, the Editors
 >will choose a few items from each issue for unrestricted access.
 >AIP recognizes the importance of our institutional subscribers and that
 >there will be some challenges to your users as a result of our
 >policy.  The print version of Physics Today and the unrestricted portions
 >of the Web site will provide continuity for your patrons who are not
 >We appreciate your understanding in this matter.
 >Marc H. Brodsky
 >Executive Director
 >American Institute of Physics