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Re: Institutional Access to Lancet Online

Not that this helps your situation, but Lancet is also available via
Science Direct (Elsevier), which is how Yale University Library has access
to the online title.

--Kimberly Parker
Electronic Publishing & Collections Librarian

At 06:25 PM 2/1/2002 -0500, you wrote:
>Here's a new and bizarre twist that our serials librarian has come across
>(her report follows).  This sounds like what Wiley was doing a couple of
>years ago (requiring endusers to register with the website even though the
>institution had a subscription).  But it's even more intrusive: Lancet is
>demanding name, mail address and email address.  Then the enduser must
>assign himself a username and password.
>A large number of complaints to Wiley put an end to the practice of
>requiring enduser registration.  I'm suggesting strongly that this
>practice, if we are indeed understanding it correctly, be protested loudly
>and directly to Lancet.  One question before I call London: Has anyone
>else received the same information as we have?
>Margo Coletti
>Medical Library Services Director
>Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
>330 Brookline Avenue
>Boston MA 02215