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Of possible interest to many on this list.  Thanks to Philip Blackwell
for sending this message along.  The Moderators

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Date: Fri, 1 Feb 2002 18:05:53 -0000
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	The Board of Blackwell Limited, the global leader in academic
bookselling and library supply, assembled today for a routine scheduled
meeting. Following the meeting the following statement was agreed -

	"The Board welcomed the assurance made by Julian Blackwell that it
has never been his intention to table a motion seeking to utilise the
Blackwell Limited shareholding in Blackwell Publishing in a move to change
its Board and thereby to precipitate a sale of Blackwell Publishing. It
also welcomed the plan for BPL to appoint a financial advisor. It would be
inappropriate for the Board of Blackwell Limited to take a hypothetical
position at this stage as the debate on capital structure has only just
begun. But we welcome the strategy of the Blackwell Publishing Board to
deliver long-term value of our investment".

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