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Reed Elsevier & Kluwer?

Several individuals sent this my way today and asked if it could
be posted to liblicense-l.  So, here's the press rumor du jour.


>From the Bookseller

Reed back in for Wolters Kluwer

The merger between STM giants Reed Elsevier and Wolters Kluwer that fell
through in 1998 is back on, according to the Observer. The two groups are
expected to merge by the end of the year, investment bankers say. A
marriage would produce one of the largest publishing groups in the world,
with a market value of �17bn. Neither group was prepared to comment for
the article, but the piece says that bankers believe Crispin Davis, chief
executive of Reed Elsevier, is prepared to make an approach to Wolters
Kluwer once he has bedded down last year's �3.2bn acquisition of publisher