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Reversal of yesterday's Reed/Kluwer news du jour!

And now for the new -- and likely far more accurate news du jour.  This
seems more reality based...  Your moderator


Headline: Broker doubts Reed-Wolters Kluwer merger

Analyst Merrill Lynch has dismissed speculation that Reed Elsevier is to
merge with Wolters Kluwer. The report (see the Bulletin 7/1/02) from
Sunday's Observer said that Crispin Davis, chief executive of Reed
Elsevier, was preparing to make an approach to Wolters Kluwer in order to
revisit a merger that collapsed in 1998. "Merrill told clients it does not
believe the groups are in talks now, nor are likely to enter into talks in
the near term." The broker reiterated its 'buy' stance on both stocks,
noting that neither Reed International nor Elsevier shares partook in the
sector's recent strong performance.