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RE: PsycArticles License

I agree with Rick's caveats to my comments, except for:

On Thu, 6 Dec 2001, Rick Anderson wrote:
> Assuming, that is, you're using IE; Netscape doesn't offer that function,
> at least not in any obvious way.  And assuming that your addressee can

I do this in Netscape all the time.  Using "send page" or "send frame"
depending on context.  But my primary computer is a Macintosh.  I do the
same thing with Netscape on a Solaris box.  Let me go check a Windows 98
box.  Hmmm - It's right there in the same place with Netscape 4.76 and the
newer 6.2.  And on every other browser I have tried.  It's probably not
there on the older ones configured for standalone use (like 4.0.8) or on
browsers in kiosk mode, but Netscape has provided this feature as long as
I have been aware.  :)