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RE: PsycArticles License

I'm a little concerned about the aptitude of undergrads at the University
of Nevada, given Rick's assessment that such tasks as clicking "File/Send"
in IE or right clicking and selecting "Send Page" in Navigator are
challenging technical tasks for 18-25 year-olds (or selecting text and
copying and pasting for that matter)!!

I suppose publishers may be forgiven for believing that such technical
hurdles serve as sufficient impediments to those "fuzzy" undergrads, who
might otherwise misguidedly mass distribute the contents of their
electronic databases.

I doubt that many undergrads anywhere would consider these functions to be
"buried," and am quite astounded that this would occur to anyone as an
argument for forbidding ILL.

Maybe my next argument against forbidding ILL will be that not everyone
who receives an emailed ILL document realizes what the "Forward" function
of Outlook is for.

Paul Burry
Information Services Support Specialist
Information Resources & Digital Library
Technical University of British Columbia