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RE: PsycArticles License

> I find both actions equally simple.  I e-mail myself web pages all the
> time, but selecting "Send page" or equivalent - depending on the browser.

>From IE, yes, that's admittedly quite easy; if the article in question
appears on a single web page (which is not always the case), and if you're
aware of the "Send Page" function (which is buried in a drop-down), it's
just as simple to mail the page as it is to forward an e-mail message.
Assuming, that is, you're using IE; Netscape doesn't offer that function,
at least not in any obvious way.  And assuming that your addressee can
handle HTML formats in her e-mail, which is far from a given.  That's a
lot of "ifs," none of which is an issue when you receive the article as an
e-mail message.

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