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Re: PsycArticles License

This is similar to the original requirements from Elsevier, before they
liberalized them.  APA should have learned by others' experience, but it
is not surprising that the societies are backwards of the commercial
publishers, having less expertise and possibly less motivation.  I suggest
striking out both lines, and inserting, "subject to the same limitations
as for print journals as provided by law."

I think we do the entire profession an injury by accepting any limitations
on ILL other than those provided by general copyright. The only possible
reason for greater restrictions on ILL from e-journals than print was the
possibility of the copies multiplying due to the ease of reproduction.
Since a print article can be scanned and then multiplied similarly, this
distinction is obsolete. What prevents copies being re-published in the
electronic era is the law abiding nature of librarians, who, if anything,
are too over-cautious to make full use of the rights they do have.  I know
of no case where academic librarians have ever deliberately and
systematically violated copyright on a substantial scale for any material,
print or electronic, for text or other media.

Many other people in and out of the academic world have, of course, for
all sorts of material. Restrictions in contracts with librarians will not
have any effect on them. All librarians join with publishers in trying to
prevent such violations.

Dr.  David Goodman, Princeton University Biology Library
dgoodman@princeton.edu            609-258-3235

On Wed, 28 Nov 2001, Peterson-Lugo, Billie R. wrote:

> Has anyone negotiated a licensing agreement for PsycArticles from APA?
> Our main concern with this license is with the limitations placed on ILL
> services.  The license states that we can use PsycArticles for ILL, but we
> must use print or facsimiles (which seems to exclude Ariel) and the ILL
> department must send APA a list of all requests filled using PsycArticles.
> Given our ILL operations, these limitations would, in essence, prevent us
> from using PsycArticles to fill ILL requests.
> We're in the process of asking for changes regarding these aspects of the
> licensing agreement, but we would be interested in knowing about the
> experience of others.  Thanks.  --brp
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